Tray Dryer

Plate dryer is an encased protected chamber in which plate are put on top of each other. Warmth exchange is finished by course of hot air by electric radiators or some other warming media. Blower fans are introduced inside to guarantee appropriate course and exchange of warmth. These dryers are utilized for differing applications, for example, Drying of Pigments, Food, Bakery, Electrodes, Chemical, Plastic, Powders and so forth.

Determination :-

It is a kind of Industrial Drying Oven however rather than wire-work racks it has aluminum plate for arrangement of items accessible with 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, aluminum plate of size 80D x 40W x 3H cms.

Plate and council of dryer can likewise be manufactured in Stainless Steel.

Overwhelming obligation trolleys can likewise be provided.

Temperature go: upto 3000C. High temperature range can likewise be manufactured.

Temperature control: Automatic-Electronic.

Warming Media: Electrical , Diesel Fired or Gas terminated.

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