Liquid Waste Incinerator

Sima Industry designs and manufactures liquid waste combustion systems for a broad range of industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical hazardous waste applications. We will design your system in either a horizontal or vertical down-fired configuration to meet your unique needs to control your environment. Each liquid waste combustion system is delivered complete, including a combustion system, liquid waste feed system, air pollution control device and controls.

Key Points

  • Ideal for bulk liquid disposal and incinerating contaminated solvent and aqueous liquid
  • Operate with or without heat recovery
  • Wet or dry scrubber air pollution control systems
  • Can be combined with vent gas or fume streams for simultaneously processing liquid and gaseous waste streams

Solid Waste Incinerator

Solid Waste Incinerator

Thermal oxidation through incinerator is one of the proven technologies for destruction of solid waste of all types i.e. biomedical, pharmaceutical, radioactive, municipal, industrial, chemical and hazardous based on the feeding system, so as to render them innocuous in the form of non-toxic and non hazardous residues.

Though it is a solution for destruction of complex hazardous waste it requires knowledge to judge the compatibility of various wastes for thepurpose of homogenization of feeding, to operate and maintain thermal processes, design pollution control devices (APCD) and achieve emission norms. We will custom engineer a fully-integrated package for your unique application including all required systems components, from waste storage and handling through the final air pollution control system.

Benefits :

  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Radio Active Waste
  • E Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • 2 Seconds Residence Time
  • Disinfection of Residue
  • Weight & Volume Reduction