Bio Medical Waste Incinerator

Sima Industry

outlines and produces fluid waste burning frameworks for an expansive scope of modern, synthetic, and pharmaceutical dangerous waste applications. We will outline your framework in either an even or vertical down-let go design to meet your exceptional needs to control your condition. Every fluid waste ignition framework is conveyed finished, including a burning framework, fluid waste encourage framework, air contamination control gadget and controls.

Key Points

  • Perfect for mass fluid transfer and burning sullied dissolvable and watery fluid
  • Work with or without warm recuperation
  • Wet or dry scrubber air contamination control frameworks
  • Can be joined with vent gas or smoke streams for all the while handling fluid and vaporous waste streams

Warm oxidation through incinerator is one of the demonstrated innovations for obliteration of strong misuse of various kinds i.e. biomedical, pharmaceutical, radioactive, metropolitan, mechanical, concoction and dangerous in view of the encouraging framework, in order to render them harmless as non-lethal and non perilous buildups.

In spite of the fact that it is an answer for demolition of complex dangerous waste it expects learning to judge the similarity of different squanders for thepurpose of homogenization of bolstering, to work and keep up warm procedures, plan contamination control gadgets (APCD) and accomplish emanation standards. We will custom designer a completely incorporated bundle for your exceptional application including every required framework segments, from squander capacity and taking care of through the last air contamination control framework.

Advantages :

Perilous Waste

2 Seconds Residence Time

Cleansing of Residue

Weight and Volume Reduction