We M/s SIMA INDUSTRIES is a designing and manufacturing all type of Incinerators, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, since 1997. We are taking opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading engineering industry with respect to activities of supply and manufacturing Incinerator, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, ETP, Pollution Preventive and all type of Chemical Plant Equipment and Machineries. We are also leading contractor to work of maintenance.

Waste Management Plant

Since1997, M/s SIMA INDUSTRIES is manufacturing, installation and contractor to work of maintenance of Incinerators from a capacity of 2KG PER HOUR UP TO 1000 KG PER HOUR for various waste materials such as Bio-medical waste, Pharmaceutical waste, Liquid waste, Hazardous waste, Solid (Semi-Solid) waste, Industrial waste, Municipal common waste, and many other types of wastes. The company has started working for PHARMACEUTICAL industries like Atul Ltd., Tapama (India) Laboratories, Medicare incin. Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad, Bodal Chemicals limited, and Indian Railway (Abu road etc…).

M/s SIMA INDUSTRIES is manufacturing, installation of Sanitary Napkin Incinerator (Napkin Disposal Machine) easily destroys the used Napkin (Pads) by hygienic, Infection free environment and eco friendly method.

It can be used at Girls Hostel, Girls College, Hospitals, Societies, Hotels and Personal… etc.

The Incinerator destroys harmful material from being disposed off in landfills, which in turn pollute environment, rivers and increase toxicity of land.

Chemical Plant And Machineries (Turnkey Projects)

Since 1997, M/s SIMA INDUSTRIES is manufacturing and work of maintenance in the field of Chemical project, Pressure vessel(Reactor), Jacketed vessel(Reactor), Limpet coil vessel(Reactor), Cast iron vessel(Reactor), Tank, Chimney, Trey dryer, Spray dryer, Ribbon blender, Ball mill, and all type of chemical plant and machineries.

We, by the name of SIMA INDUSTRIES Company are manufacturers of Under Frame Incinerator and Chemical plant and machineries since 1997. The company itself after research and development has developed the basic design of the incinerator for the same. The company is registered with M.S.M.E. and S.S.I Unit Incinerator and Chemical Plant and Machineries.

The Company has fully automated machinery along with overhead crane in the plant, which is being operated by fully trained and experienced workers. Which are being run satisfactorily in the companies since till date.

As we have been working with such organizations, we have received valuable certificates from companies.

“A Unique Center of Waste Management”